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Champion Women's Logo

All women should be treated with respect. Fear of being shamed, mocked, or silenced should have no place in the national debate. Join the movement to encourage respectful, diverse, and thoughtful conversations.

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What Is
Champion Women?

Champion Women is a movement committed to championing the ideas and amplifying the voices of all women. Too often on social media, in public, and in the news people try to diminish the influence, perspectives, and policy solutions put forth by women by degrading their appearance and delegitimizing their qualifications. Champion Women pushes back and calls out those who objectify, dismiss, or degrade women.

We're in this for the long haul to stop the objectification of women, encourage civil discourse, and push for concrete changes so that all women are treated with dignity and respect. Join us.

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Why Now?

The national dialogue has become too negative, degrading, and hostile toward women. Too often people in the public sphere, on social media, and in our everyday lives personally attack women with whom they disagree. By objectifying, mocking, dismissing, and degrading women’s appearances or backgrounds, they seek to delegitimize their qualifications and distract from their ideas.

Champion Women was formed to shine light on the problem, hold offenders accountable, and celebrate courageous women. No woman should be afraid to share her thoughts and beliefs. We encourage everyone to show respect for others who disagree with them and ask that they be given the same in return.

The only way to achieve real, lasting change is to come together as a unified force. We have a network of supporters and STAND or ARE ready to take on anyone who tries to tear down or shut up women.

How Does This
Affect You?

To allow personal, baseless attacks on women to go unchallenged sends a message to women everywhere: “Keep quiet or suffer the same fate.” These attacks prevent many women from participating in politics and their communities. It’s unfair, and we all lose out in the end.

Candace Cameron Bure
Our Foundation
We believe that all women—regardless of background, political affiliation, and perspective—should be treated with dignity and respect.
We CHAMPION women’s ideas, because we believe that their ideas are powerful forces for change.
We CELEBRATE and honor women’s achievements in thought leadership and action.
We DEFEND all women against personal attacks that objectify, belittle, or seek to silence them.
We ENCOURAGE women to run for office, serve their communities, or start their own business.
We ENSURE that all women feel safe and supported in speaking up for themselves and one another.
We SUPPORT open and respectful debate on the issues that affect women, their loved ones, and their communities.
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou
Champion Women is a movement to inspire and encourage all women to stand up, participate, and contribute to the larger debates of our day.
It’s time to listen. It’s time to act. It’s time to Champion Women — starting NOW and WITH YOU.
What You Can Do Now
Be a Role Model
Be kind, and maintain civility and respect when engaging in political debate. Never stoop to personal attacks.
Say Something
Speak up when you see a woman being objectified, silenced, mocked, or harassed.
Raise Awareness
Have an open and honest discussion online using #ChampionWomen about how women in business, politics, and other public roles are perceived and talked about.
Take the Pledge
Show you stand for Champion Women’s Statement of Principles.
Join The Movement By Taking the Pledge
Statement of Principles
I am committed to honest and open debate. I welcome all women’s opinions.
I support every woman’s right to speak her mind.
I believe that making this country stronger requires more mutual civility and respect for a diversity of opinion, which will create a climate for women speaking freely, being recognized, and becoming involved.
Champion Women digital ambassadors are passionate about the cause of creating a society where all women’s views are welcomed; where women and men are treated with respect; and where women today and in generations to come know they can get involved and make their views known without being personally attacked. Although affiliated with Champion Women, the views and opinions expressed by each digital ambassador are her/his own and may not reflect the official position of Champion Women supporting companies and organizations.